Excursions overview 


Explore the Island of Zanzibar with all your senses. Private guides at Fontaine Garden Village guarantees special and memorable adventures. From special arranged Sunset Picnic Trips to Snorkelling and Sailing in between Mangrovias and the surrounded tiny unciviliced islands. Maybe even get a Booty Shake at an underground local bar with real Swahili Music Dance Style. Most can be arranged. Feel free to ask the staff at Fontaine – We are here to help and after your wishes, we will do our best to make sure your stay will be Magical.
Dolphin trip
From the south of Zanzibar in the village Kizimkazi, we catch a boat which will help us locate the dolphins. When located… -it’s time for swimming and snorkelling with the dolphins .
IncludingPickup and return, snorkeling equipment, entry, guide, boat


At Jozani Nationalpark you’ll be able to see the rare Colobus monkeys and the national forest where a lot of Zanzibar animal species are living including the mangrove threes.
IncludingPickup and return, entry, guide 


Prison Island
From Stone Town we catch a boat, which take us to Prison Island. On the Island you’ll see the many turtles and the old prisoner building. You’ll get a bit of the history and afterwards it’s time for snorkelling at the reef at Prison Island.
IncludingPickup and return, snorkeling equipment, boat, entry and guide boat




Safari Blue
From Menai we catch a boat which take us around different places for swimming, snorkelling and exploring the Mangrovias. There will be snacks and drinks on the way, and lunch will be cooked on the Island Kwale. While being on the Island Kwale, it’s possible to climb the big Baubab three, which is more more than 500 years old. Besides that you can explore the Island a bit or get a before- and after lunch swim. On the way back to Zanzibar we sail in between all the small Islands, where it’s nature that rules and no people are living. 
IncludingPickup and return, entry, boat, snacks, lunch, drinks, equipment and guide


Snorkeling in Blue Lagoon
Snorkeling time at the big coral reef at the Blue Lagoon. On the way back we make a short stop for a fresh coconut at Kim’s Gallery on the Beach. You will see how a local Zanzibar guy climb the coconut three with no problems for you to enjoy the fresh and very healthy water from a Zanzibar coconut.
IncludingPickup and return, equipment, boat, coconut and guide




Spice up to Slave Cave
Go to the spice farm (Shamba), touch, smell and taste fresh local grown spices. Then it’s time for some snacks and do some spice shopping if wished. Next stop is the village Manga Pwani, visiting the cave, get a bit of history while walking in the cave. Afterwards we have lunch.
Including: Pickup and return, entry, snacks, lunch and guide


Spice Tour
Go to the spice farm (Shamba), touch, smell and taste fresh local grown spices. Before going back we have some snacks and it’s possible to do a bit of spice shopping if wished.
Including: Pickup and return, snacks and guide



Sunset trip 
From Michamvi we go on a local sailing boat, which take us around the Mangrovias. It will be possible to do a bit of swimming before the sun goes down. When the sunset arrive, it’s time for drinks and a sail back to Michamvi.
Including: Pickup and return, boat, drinks and guide


Village Tour
Visit the village Bwejuu. Explore how life is there. Stop by the school and after that a local house invite and welcome you to their house. Together you’ll be cooking, eating and enjoying drinks. Maybe even learn a bit of Swahili.
Including: Pickup and return, entry, cooking, food, drinks and guide