Welcome to Paradise


Fontaine Garden Village is located on the South East Coast of Zanzibar in the village of Bwejuu. The place offers 3 bungalows with shared facilities, 3 bungalows and 4 hotel rooms with private bathroom and 1 junior suite. Lunch and dinner are served at request in our “Hot Potatoe” restaurant. The whole place is designed like a small village with separate bungalows for each client. The area that surrounds the bungalows has a tropical beach feeling as it combines the white sand paths with a green garden of colorful flowers and palm trees.

The beach is 150 meters from the place and full of life and local atmosphere – fishermen leaving and coming with the 6 hour tide, women picking up sea weed and digging coconuts in the the ground, cows taking a walk in the sunset.

Fontaine Garden Village is easy to access from Stone Town (45 min drive). A taxi costs around 30 USD. There are also dala dalas (local mini buses) going to Bwejuu regularly.

Definitely a good choice if you like to see the real Zanzibarian lifestyle!